Marketing has undergone substantial changes in recent years, and digital marketing has come out on top. Across the world, developers, data and insight analysts, and digital marketing managers are in high demand, often raking in salaries well over the six-figure mark. In fact, US News and World Report ranked marketing manager as the third-paying job of 2015, only behind physician and dentist. However, many digital marketing roles are going unfilled.


A talent gap exists right now in digital marketing. A whopping 90% of marketers report suffering from a shortage of digital skills, and only 8% of surveyed companies feel strong in the area of digital marketing, according to "The Future-Proof Marketer in 2015" [email required] whitepaper by digital technology training company Grovo.

Job seekers looking to enter the field need to build skills that make them competitive now.

In training digital marketing professionals, building corporate training programs, and connecting employers with digital talent, I've developed a solid understanding of the top skills professionals need to land lucrative digital jobs this year.

Moreover, my colleagues at Digital Professional Institute and I studied hundreds of job postings for digital talent, and we ended up with numbers to prove how valuable digital skills are in the current job market.

Must-Have Areas of Expertise for Today's Marketer

Here's a look at the different areas in which marketers need skills (and what skills are needed).

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Avi Levine is executive director of the Digital Professional Institute (DPI), a Chicago-based programming and digital marketing school affiliated with Tribeca Flashpoint College.

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