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We've had a problem in digital media for a while now, and it's been compounded by the number of platforms claiming to identify influence online.

Moreover, influencer marketing can be an amazingly successful program to acquire new customers, but more often than not, it falls flat.

Here are three primary reasons why.

1. It's not about size, it's about relevance. The influencer's audience needs to match your target audience.

2. It's not about the influencer's opinion. It's about the influencer sharing the most compelling story that engages their audience.

3. It's not about clicks, it's about conversions. The influencer should be driving its audience to buy, not just visit.

Influencers are the biggest pushers of influencer marketing out on the Web. It's a growing and lucrative revenue stream for people who have grown a significant following on their blog or social media.

Popularity and Influence Aren't Synonymous

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Douglas Karr is CEO of DK New Media, the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, and chief blogger/founder of the Marketing Technology Blog .

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