Modern customer service is based on the empowered customer. Understanding who your customers are, knowing how they like to interact, and engaging them across channels is the only chance marketers have to influence the various different paths to purchase.

Today, customers are in control of the purchasing journey. They take the route that works for them, and if you fail them at any point along that journey, you most likely will lose them. And they do all this without revealing who they are (until it suits them).

Moreover, customers have high expectations and demand a more personalized experience. But how can marketers keep up when most customers decline to part with their personal data?

Turn Web Visitors Into Personas

Customers love their anonymity and generally prefer to be left to their own devices during the research process, but they also love when brands surprise them with personalized offers. The marketer's holy grail may be providing a bespoke purchasing path for each and every customer, but if that's not possible then the next best thing is to bunch customers into personas. Knowing which persona a customer fits means targeting that customer with more general personal offers.

Research from ResponseTap has shown that with the right science and insight, most customers can be linked to five typical buyer personas. Here are a few of them:

  • The Socialites (38%): The majority of online shoppers are members of this persona who like to compare and take recommendations from friends, family, and other communities before making their final decision. Socialites are emotionally engaged with their shopping and will be quick to share their disappointment on social media if they have a poor experience.
  • The Perfectionists (36%): These people know exactly what they are looking for, will conduct extensive personal research, and expect for brands to deliver their promises at every single touchpoint along their journey. 60% of Perfectionists prefer speaking to someone on the phone to verify their facts and information.
  • The Ain't Got Timers (21%): This persona cuts right to the chase with the buying process. Typically this group consists of busy professionals and families who value brands helping them making the most of their time and offering them a seamless omnichannel customer experience. Marketers should watch this group closely and learn from what they do.

Ultimately understanding the actions and behaviors that identify someone as a Socialite, a Perfectionist, or an Ain't Got Timer enables marketers to create better, more targeted, experiences for those consumers.

Using Personas to Facilitate an Omnichannel Strategy

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Luke Rees is a digital marketing executive at AccuraCast, a London-based digital agency.

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