Most marketers will experience at one point the gut-wrenching feeling of falling victim to click fraud.

Last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that bots make up about 36% of Internet traffic, so a strong likelihood exists that portions of your ad spend are being wasted on invalid clicks.

Ad fraud threats are predicted to poach over $6 billion from marketers in 2015, according to a study done by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops.

As marketers, we must educate ourselves on the sneaky tricks that infest the Internet. Sure, knowing the person or group responsible for invading your campaigns with bots would be helpful, but it's currently an impossibility.

For now, we need to focus on why we're losing money so we can learn from mistakes and strengthen security. If we don't, our defenses will have more holes in it than the Queens Park Rangers' defense.

If you've suffered (or are suffering) losses caused by click fraud, here's why.

1. You're not looking closely at data

Closer tracking of campaign data in real time is extremely beneficial, especially when sniffing out fraudulent traffic. By frequently checking metrics, spotting any unusual activity as it occurs.

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image of Rich Kahn

Rich Kahn is founder and CEO of eZanga, a digital marketing firm that specializes in fraud protection.

LinkedIn: Richard Kahn 

Twitter: @richkahn