Google Shopping ads (formerly Google Product Listing Ads or PLAs) have been growing in importance and scale within AdWords search.

Though shopping ads are closely related to search ads, they're not exactly the same. The controls are different, the way you bid is different, and the product feed is its own entity.

Given these differences, some brands hire shopping-specific technology companies to manage their shopping query campaigns, and the brands manage their search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns separately. But, is that really a good idea? Probably not.

While search and shopping ads don't necessarily overlap, they certainly mingle. Therefore, it makes sense for SEM and Google Shopping campaigns to run together.

Here's why.

1. Double the Knowledge

Joining budgets facilitates double the campaign knowledge power. Overall goals for search and shopping, ranging from account to stock keeping units (SKU), should be taken into account when budget decisions are considered. By recognizing that the two ad formats can be conjoined on the path to conversion, both will be optimized from a single lens rather than act as independent silos.

2. Benefits for Search

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Jay Stampfl is senior director of Client Services at 3Q Digital, an integrated digital agency.

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