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Three Questions to Help You Decide Whether to Start Using Vine

by Jenne Barbour  |  
September 30, 2015

Consumers' attention spans are shorter than ever. YouTube marketing guidelines used to be 30 seconds—now we're lucky to sit through 10 seconds. The evolution of marketing has accelerated because of the Millennial Generation and the introduction of mobile and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Vine, the popular mobile phone app that plays 6-second videos.

Brands have capitalized on video marketing to this fully-connected generation through social media. But why is Vine different?

Vine appeals to the "snackable moments" aspect of today's digital lifestyle and gives consumers a 6-second snapshot of a brand. They might be amused, they might roll their eyes, or they might be intrigued and want to know more, but the Vine video is a tiny time-cost to the consumers that they give freely to brands.

Marketers have a unique, though brief, opportunity to catch the moment and connect with an individual, yet they must understand the best way to distill the brand experience or offer to a customer in 6 seconds. It's a challenging creative exercise for marketers but ultimately, it all comes back to how Vine fits with a brand.

But don't try Vine "just because." You don't want to be a cautionary tale on "Vines Gone Bad" for other marketers.

That being said, Vine can also be a tremendous marketing tool if the fit conditions are met. John Mowat at Adweek included some of these considerations for Vine. He argues Vine is a brand tool, not a hard sell, and I'd agree, but he also notes that successful Vines are geared towards the brand community.

Here are a few questions every marketer should ask in deciding whether to market through Vine.

1. How does Vine play into my cohesive digital strategy?

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Jenne Barbour is director of Global Marketing Strategy and Evangelism at Teradata Marketing Applications.

LinkedIn: Jenne Barbour 

Twitter: @jennebarbour 

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