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If your company has a sales team, you're likely all too familiar with the phrase "feed the beast" and that never-ending quest to fill the pipeline with quality leads (the keyword being "quality"). Every company has a target audience, and you not only need to know who that is but actually reach it.

That, of course, is more easily said than done.

Just about every marketing and sales team will find themselves struggling with lead generation at some point. Moreover, for many businesses, lead generation is an ongoing battle.

So, what's a company to do? Though teams should definitely continue efforts to generate new leads, they should also put time, effort, and resources into data verification and management—an aspect of pipeline management that often gets talked about but falls to the wayside.

Data integrity is just as important as lead generation, especially if you want teams to successfully work the leads you generate.

Here are some lead-generation pitfalls to avoid.

1. Relying on a Single Contact Method

Sometimes, the only contact information you have for a lead is a phone number or an email address. If that information is incorrect or a lead ignores you, you're stuck.

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Rob Manser is acting director of Marketing at Service Objects, a provider of real-time contact validation including lead scoring, address cleansing, and order validation.

LinkedIn: Rob Manser