As marketers, we spend a lot of time optimizing our lead-generation programs. We A-B test our social media and email copy. We experiment with different landing page designs and messaging. We tweak our CTAs until they yield the highest possible conversion rates.

However, we often overlook an important aspect of lead generation in regards to optimization: the content that a lead receives in exchange for information. Sure, we research topics that will resonate with our audience, spend time writing great copy, and work with our design teams to make sure the end product looks great. But for many marketing teams, the lead-gen content creation process is on autopilot.

Forward-thinking marketing teams are starting to experiment with new content formats and ways of using that content to generate leads for their businesses. One of the most intriguing trends I've recently seen in the content marketing space is interactive content.

From well-established brands to rapidly growing startups, marketers are pushing themselves to tell stories in new ways with interactivity.

Consumers are starting to show a preference for interactive content over static content. Moreover, recent studies have shown that interactive content generates conversions more effectively than static content.

Let's explore four key reasons why interactive content is great for lead-generation programs.

1. Interactive content is unique

How many times do you download a PDF e-book or an infographic only to trash it a few days later without ever opening the document? If you're anything like me, this probably happens regularly.

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image of Ashley Taylor Anderson

Ashley Taylor Anderson is director of Content at Ceros, a provider of interactive content marketing software.

LinkedIn: Ashley Taylor Anderson