These past several years, workplaces have shifted from traditional offices to more fluid arrangements. Today, employees may be in the office one day and home the next, and myriad freelancers permanently work remotely.

Working remotely can be challenging for different types of marketing teams—and creatives in particular because their work requires consistent and direct collaboration. But the latest tools can help marketing teams operate as a cohesive, seamless unit and deliver results that exceed expectations, no matter employees are.

Overcome the hurdles in your creative path

Collaboration is easy when the whole team is working in one physical place, bouncing ideas off each other, and providing real-time feedback.

In a remote working environment, however, teams must take a different approach to collaboration and creativity.

Good tools can streamline the creative process by enabling real-time exchanges of concepts and by facilitating virtual brainstorms and creative sessions. Moreover, many of the latest collaborative solutions go beyond project-management capabilities, helping optimize the creative flow for marketing professionals across all levels.

Maximize your drawing power

Since the Stone Age, people have used drawings to communicate.

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image of Jes Sherborne

Jes Sherborne is the founder and CEO of Team Everywhere, a startup that helps creative teams work together visually, whether down the hall or around the world.

LinkedIn: Jes Sherborne

Twitter: @jes_sherborne