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Three Principles to Help Guide Your Omnichannel Marketing

by Collin Sebastian  |  
January 5, 2016

Omnichannel marketing has gained currency as a marketing trend, but it remains widely misunderstood. For example, omnichannel is not the same as multichannel marketing. Companies that merely add mobile and social media elements to an existing marketing initiative aren't creating a true omnichannel strategy.

At its core, omnichannel marketing is about consumer immersion into the brand across all channels. It requires delivery of a seamless experience. When done correctly, omnichannel marketing brings brands to life and drives significant sales increases.

Examples of successful omnichannel marketing

Denny's and Taco Bell are two companies that have recently achieved omnichannel marketing success. The campaigns each company rolled out had distinct and different objectives, but both brands successfully launched an omnichannel approach that creates an immersive experience for customers.

The Denny's campaign was designed to appeal to customers across all age demographics and included a mobile element to drive in-store visits.

Counting on the fact that about 50% of mobile activity takes place away from home, the Denny's campaign featured proximity marketing promotions designed to reach consumers while they were on the go. Denny's supported these appeals with omnichannel messaging that effectively conveyed the company's "America's Diner" brand promise.

The combination of proximity marketing that used mobile messaging and additional omnichannel outreach drove major revenue increases for Denny's. At least one store reported a customer traffic increase of more than 40%.

Taco Bell designed an omnichannel strategy around the "Live Más!" concept, appealing to tech-savvy millennial customers by including a mobile ordering and payment app to speed dining room pickup and drive-thru window transactions. The campaign featured commercials that conveyed a young, fun-focused personality along with a seamless social media campaign aimed squarely at the millennial demographic. By creating an immersive experience, the Live Más! campaign also achieved omnichannel success.

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Collin Sebastian is chief product officer at YouEye, a company specializing in market research and qualitative analytics technology.

LinkedIn: Collin Sebastian

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  • by michael burns Tue Jan 5, 2016 via web

    hey Collin,
    how many driver,s are going to get killed,or kill someone else on the road by these companies text
    messaging people while their driving.your Omni-channeling stink,s and that texting of driver,s is a felony
    charge and conviction!

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