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What Millennials Expect From You on Social Media

by Adam Padilla  |  
January 7, 2016

The big conundrum these days is how marketers and advertisers can actively appeal to the coveted millennial demographic. After all, millennials hold the power; they set trends, spend money, and boost brands.

Brands are increasingly finding that it's difficult to keep up with a group whose tastes are constantly in flux. Also, the millennial is notoriously snarky and cynical but not negative. In fact, millennials have a great positive energy that they share via social media through good-natured self-deprecation and a knowledge of pop cultural references.

But if you don't engage on social media, you simply aren't part of the conversation, and you don't exist.

Brands have to provide shareability and value to their user base, and even create a platform for the content creators to use. Movement campaigns such as Always' #likeagirl are a great example. The ALS #icebucketchallenge was another.

Allowing the content creator a measure of personal expression while providing branding guardrails such as the appropriate hashtag and the rules of engagement (hold up a sign that says #likeagirl, or shoot a video of an ice bucket being poured over your head) gives your audience the power to engage their own friend groups, which ultimately (and ideally) sets off a viral chain reaction.

Likers, Sharers, and Content Creators

The subsets of millennials are "likers," "sharers," and content creators.

Likers will get behind a movement and show support—but rarely engage their peers. Likers represent the majority of your following and the end consumer that you must ultimately engage to see ROI.

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Adam Padilla is CEO and co-founder of BrandFire, a full-service creative agency.

LinkedIn: Adam Padilla

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  • by Ravi Jay Thu Jan 7, 2016 via web

    Interesting take on things. I feel like kids these days have way to much options, so its harder to compete versus their parents who had only a single option which was by default reliable. For example social media versus the traditional yellow book.

    Also in regards to their attention, span, I think it has to do with the fact that they are much smarter and can easily maneuver in a conversation to find the real value. I challenge any parent to come up with a solid point in 140 characters or less.

  • by Warren Whitlock Thu Jan 7, 2016 via mobile

    Milleniels like being special. More and more, I Se that they are turned off by being called milleniels

  • by James Carlini Mon Jan 11, 2016 via web

    Another over-hyped article about Millennials and how special they are. They are no more "special" than any other demographic group AND when the article talks about their "spending power" that is ludicrous.

    Many Millennials have not yet gotten out of Mommy and Daddy's house, they don't make enough money for an apartment - or a car- and they do NOT "hold the power; set trends, spend money, and boost brands." as some of these authors try to project. Their student loans keep their credit scores low as well. They may eventually become big consumers, but you cannot categorize them as "big consumers" if they are at minimum and close to minimum wages.

    Look at the total picture. Another article says not much difference between Millennial-age buyers and those over 35 -

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