Though there is no silver bullet that will ensure your entire global marketing strategy will be successful, if you incorporate these five global marketing musts into your plans, you can be confident that you will see improved financial results as well as happier, more loyal customers.

1. A Dedicated Localization Budget

With 95% of potential customers residing outside of the US, ambitious brands that want to continue growing should consider expanding beyond their domestic markets. But expanding internationally takes time, money, and resources to ensure messages will resonate—something many organizations aren't adequately planning for.

A recent survey of marketers attending the INBOUND 2015 conference found that 48% of respondents indicated they have no budget allocated for international translation, and 59% said they had no budget in place to translate content for non-English speakers inside the US. That statistic is surprising when you consider that most consumers would prefer to learn about and make purchases in their native language.

Having a dedicated budget for content translation and localization should be in the marketing plan of every brand with aspirations of growth.

2. Native Brand Experiences

When developing global content, marketers should take time to consider the buyer's interest. This is the heart of what constitutes a native brand experience; it goes beyond just making sure websites or mobile apps are translated correctly.

Organizations that deliver these experiences to their customers:

  • Do so with a command of local dialects and regional idiosyncrasies.
  • Are committed to honoring cultural sensitivities in the region.
  • Have a detailed awareness of everything from currencies, customs, and product preferences.

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image of Judd Marcello

Judd Marcello is EVP of global marketing at Cheetah Digital, an enterprise cross-channel marketing software company.

LinkedIn: Judd Marcelo

Twitter: @JuddMarcello