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Five Tips for Preventing the Creative Suffocation of Your Marketing Team

by Eddie Newquist  |  
February 24, 2016

For years, I worked in the motion picture industry. During that time, I saw studio groups that hadn't changed their marketing people for 20 years. They were set in their ways of doing things.

Moreover, the marketing executives often felt the need to hover over the creative process. As the "experts" in the room, they considered themselves the keepers of all ideas.

Their ideas were simply the best.

And for a while, everybody bought into the idea that if they worked really hard and somehow made it to upper management, they, too, could one day become the keepers of ideas.

What nobody realized was that this cycle of thinking was actually crushing any semblance of creativity—not to mention disempowering young, excited employees.

The Problem With Creative Suffocation

Too often, the amount of time someone has been with the company is equated to how valuable their ideas are. Experience is valuable... but hanging your hat on tenure can create problems.

Back in the 1980s, a lot of companies abandoned breakthrough innovation in favor of efficiency. They adopted KPIs and other standard project-management techniques focused on cutting costs and streamlining development.

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Eddie Newquist is chief creative officer at GES, a global, full-service provider for live events.

LinkedIn: Eddie Newquist

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  • by Neil Mzahoney Wed Feb 24, 2016 via web

    I'm a strong advocate of creative thought when it comes to the Marketing-Sales process. Creative thought is what led to be my promotion to National Sales Manager when I was the Marketing Communications Manger for a Fortune-50 company ca. 1980. Creative thought also led to a gigantic turnaround when I was Publisher of a B2B management magazine a few years later.

    Thinking that skill in using Twitter or Facebook is the equivalent of Creativity is amateurish. You have to have deep knowledge of your key prospects to use creativity effectively.

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