The scale and growth of digital media has always been fueled by two types of people: innovators and followers.

Innovators embrace emerging channels and technologies, and take risks by investing in experimentation to learn and get a leg up on their competition.

Followers wait until a new technology or channel has been thoroughly vetted in the market and is less risky, but consequently, they're always playing catch up with the innovators.

That's why innovation is becoming a core element of every segment of every market. Regardless of your industry, if you don't innovate, your business will grow stale─and your competition may catch up or surpass you.

Moreover, account-based marketing (ABM) as a strategy has grown in popularity in recent years, as always, embraced early on by innovators with followers gradually jumping on the bandwagon.

The gap between the innovators and followers exists in ABM as it does with most new digital marketing strategies, according to a recent report from Sirius Decisions. However, though 92% of marketers recognized the importance of ABM with regard to their overall marketing efforts, only 20% had a full program in place—although 52% were piloting programs.

Old Concept, New Digital Strategy

The gap may narrow more quickly with ABM because even though ABM is a new digital strategy, it's not a new concept. ABM is as old as direct marketing itself.

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Sonjoy Ganguly is senior vice-president of product management at Madison Logic, a provider of B2B marketing solutions.

LinkedIn: Sonjoy Ganguly