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Consumers tend to return to the same brands for all their buying needs. They look for their favorite brands' distinctive packaging as they walk down the store aisles, speeding up their errands by grabbing products that they know and trust.

Products that consumers select based on the brand name and packaging carry an implied authority, indicating that they are the best choice.

Moreover, when a brand has the same attributes in packaging across all its products, recognition is built. Consumers are likely to routinely purchase a branded product each time the need for that type of product arises, based on the positive association the consumers have made with that brand.

Behavioral science studies have proven the neurological connection between the consumer and the experience of purchasing that product. "Emotions are the primary reason why consumers prefer brand name products," according to Psychology Today, even though many products are "available as generic and store brands with the same ingredients and at cheaper prices."

Vital Attributes in Product Packaging Design

Attributes that define your brand through packaging play a fundamental role in the consumer relationship. Those traits should be consistent, so the likelihood of customer recognition increases.

Over time, consistent packaging can help build customer loyalty.

Brands that have mastered consistent packaging have become iconic in their respective industries. Despite varying audiences and products, those brands all have one defining characteristic that defines their packaging style: simplicity.

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image of Amy Finn

Amy Finn is vice-president of Finn Industries, a folding carton and set-up box manufacturer located in Southern California.

LinkedIn: Amy Finn