Gone are the days of the traditional B2B marketer who works exclusively with the sales team and over the phone to generate sales leads. In today's digital world, B2B buyers are more self-sufficient and reliant on digital marketing assets.

The most interesting recent trend we've been seeing is the adoption on the B2B side of B2C techniques. B2B marketing has become so sophisticated that it has begun to embrace what B2C marketing does. It's not just about lead management. It's about the customer journey and incorporating both outbound channels and inbound interactions.

So, how does a B2B marketer embrace B2C marketing techniques? Here are five approaches that B2B marketers can borrow from B2Cs.

1. They embrace digital

In a cross-channel world, embracing digital involves tying online digital to other tactics where marketers use marketing automation. For buyers in a B2B world, much of their research into a purchase happens before they're known or authenticated.

Marketers need to be able to tie in interactions from that aspect of the journey with what the buyer is doing in other channels. Buyers rely on those channels. They don't want to talk to someone; they want to research on their own.

Marketers must use marketing automation and technology to enable a cohesive buyer experience. Every time a buyer visits, the experience should be consistent on other channels.

2. B2Bs integrate, integrate, integrate

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Bruce Swann is senior product marketing manager at Adobe.

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