Researchers recently declared that the memory capacity of the human brain is 10X more than previously thought. Data from the Salk Institute shows the brain's storage potential is in the petabyte range—as much as the entire Web.

The Salk Institute researchers were excited at the precision and efficiency of information that could be potentially stored in synaptic connections. They discovered that, not only was the brain incredibly powerful and efficient, it also seems to have unlimited potential for storage.

As content creators, that is certainly good news! After all, we are expecting our audiences to absorb each and every carefully chosen word we produce.

Now that we know about this tremendous capability, where's the glitch? Why do our company sales teams have trouble remembering the content, where the documents can be accessed, and how to present information effectively? How do we tap into this intelligence and use more of that available brainpower?

Glitches in the Machine

We may have huge brain capacities, but it really comes down to how we access the things we have been exposed to. Apparently, our brains can remember almost everything, yet, let's face it that would be overwhelming for daily life.

We need to actively engage in order to remember.

Humans developed a system for organizing information often placing the most importance on the bits necessary for survival. Human brains use synapses to create access pathways and to put information in order. Some of the items are stored in a shorter working memory.

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Chanin Ballance is CEO of Veelo, an award-winning cloud-based marketing and sales performance platform. Chanin is a frequent speaker on the topics of learning and retention, brain science, mobile engagement, and sales enablement solutions.

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