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For every new app or product you are launching, assume your competitor is working on a similar project. Will your product succeed—or will a competing one?

One of the many factors that affect success is customer experience.

Every contact point with your prospective customer is an opportunity to make an impression. Wasting that opportunity is inexcusable.

Focus on being the best

Many ideas don't even get to the launching phase. For example, once you realize your idea is already in the market, you may consider any effort to create your own version of that product or service as a waste of time.

But don't give up so quickly. By offering a better product, myriad companies beat their competitors that are already in the market.

Those successful companies choose to have "the best, not first" approach. Some may wait six months (or even a year) from their competitor's product launch and then learn from its shortcomings. The "best, not first" company then will come out with a much better product—without the bugs of the one already in the marketplace—and with a good user experience.

Moreover, a good user experience markets itself. People will readily shift their loyalties from the product they have used to another product that offers a better experience.

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Sarika Periwal is an online marketer associated with Mabbly, a digital marketing services provider.

LinkedIn: Sarika Periwal

Twitter: @Sarika Periwal