Ever hear of the YouTube channel Blu Toys Surprise Brinquedos & Juegos? The anonymous person who runs the channel is not an Internet star; the channel's specialty is opening, assembling, and reviewing a variety of kids' toys. However, this YouTube partner can get 55% of any ad revenue that is a result of the posts from the channel.

With over 3 million subscribers and over 5 billion video views, according to the social media data site Social Blade, Blu Toys can earn anywhere between $669,500 and $10.7 million in estimated annual income.

Similarly, brands are monetizing their websites, content, and audience to engage those viewers unwilling to pay for articles, videos, and memes. In doing so, we've reached the emergence of a monetized world.

What's Brought on This Transformation?

The emergence and improvement of tracking and audience metrics as well as the rise of digital and social mediums have led to this era of free media. Moreover, an uptick in usage rates for devices can be attributed to vastly improved broadband, affording greater mobility.

Those aren't the only drivers at work.

Remember that viral video of a rat carrying a pizza through a New York City alley? If that snippet was behind a subscription wall, would Millennials still be interested?

At risk of generalizing... no.

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Rob Israch is CMO of Tipalti, a provider of a global payments management platform.

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