Measuring online video metrics shouldn't just stop at a click-through rate and number of views. You need to go deeper and analyze how people connect with your brand.

How did your video content make viewers feel? Where does your brand fit in with their life and values? Where do they place your brand? Those are the real metrics marketers should ask for.

Moving Beyond Engagement Metrics

Engagement, too, is no longer just about what your online video is making people do physically but how it's making people feel about your brand and its values.

Click-through rate might be an adequate metric for e-commerce, but it doesn't tell us much about brand values. So, we need new tools to gauge subtle brand metrics in a complex digital media ecosystem.

Brand metrics look beyond traditional metrics to where it really matters, collating search engine data, consumer-insight surveys, and social media buzz.

Four Categories of Brand Metrics

Brand metrics can be organized into four main categories (only one of them is not measurable for an online video campaign).

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