The journalism and content marketing industries are fusing together more each day, and all signs point to the trend continuing.

For example, Reuters, the Pulitzer Prize-winning international news agency, now offers Reuters Content Solutions, "a full service, custom content studio that capitalizes on Reuters' 160-year expertise and news infrastructure to deliver world-class publishing support to brands and agencies."

Also, Mattermark, a data platform software company that collects and organizes actionable data on the world's fastest-growing companies, has built out a blog that can rival any tech publication out there.

So, how did Reuters and Mattermark do it?

Reuters learned as much as possible about content marketing and figured out how to amplify that knowledge through its traditional journalism expertise. Likewise, Mattermark saw the importance of both, and it began assembling a team of dedicated content marketers and acclaimed tech journalists.

But the journalism and content marketing fusion isn't all that surprising, really.

Content marketing's journalistic roots

Though one can argue that wherever content existed, marketing, too, had to exist, the year 1895 was particularly important.

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Cameron Conaway is content marketing manager at Flow, a provider of team task management software. He was awarded the 2015 Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Fellowship, and his work has been supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the International Reporting Project.

LinkedIn: Cameron Conaway 

Twitter: @CameronConaway