Pokémon Go is an augmented reality phenomenon. As the most popular mobile game in US history, it attracted more users in just three days than Twitter has attained in the last decade. After its July 6 launch, Pokémon Go even had more user engagement than Facebook, with a generated daily revenue of more than $1.6 million, according to SimilarWeb.

Moreover, those numbers are coming only from the US and the 26 European countries where the game is available. We can only imagine what's going to happen once users in Asia-Pacific and Latin America get their hands on the game.

The numbers are certainly impressive, but the true phenomenon of this story is how in one launch, The Pokémon Company has rewritten its future and the future of its gaming competitors, all because of Niantac's location-based technology.

Transforming the World

The company transformed itself from a card trading and video gaming leader to a potential data analytics and marketing genius. The crowdsourced location data Pokémon Go is generating has great potential because of the sheer number of users, and marketers may want to tap into that data down the line if greater customer insights are unveiled. (Niantic's privacy policy states it does collect location data and data from users' mobile device while they play the game.)

Pokémon Go is reinventing gaming. It's reshaping the augmented reality experience. And it's making data sexy again.

To succeed in Pokémon Go, you need to visit (in person) real locations in real time. The accuracy and precision of Pokémon Go's location data is absolutely critical. Get it wrong, and you risk the wrath of millions of players, not to mention neighborhood residents. Get it right, and you can create a global movement that transforms the way we've previously considered merging our physical surroundings with interactive digital experiences.

Capturing Data in a Whole New Way

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