I'll never forget the day I put on a virtual reality (VR) headset for the first time. Fearing that the goggles would mess up my hair (which they did), I placed the headpiece up to my eyes and, quite suddenly, found myself in a wholly other world.

I was on Mars! Well, not actually Mars but a life-like, computer-generated rendition of the Red Planet. I immediately began looking all over—up, down, and sideways—like how I imagine I would if I was taking in the galaxy from a new angle. Though only just a few moments in an otherwise ordinary day, that first VR experience is tattooed in my memory as if I'd really taken a trip to another world.

In a sense, I did experience two distinct spheres: the physical world and the virtual world.

Moreover, the applications for VR are endless. It's already being applied to training, healthcare, gaming, and entertainment. However, VR also is getting attention from brands.

VR wows and immerses attendees. As a producer and an experiential marketer, I care about constructing stories and experiences that wow and stay in the minds of the people who experience them; I aim to build brand memories.

Now, with VR, we marketers have a veritable memory-making machine at our fingertips. So, it's time to begin experimenting with VR technology and use its powers of persuasion at our upcoming shows and events.

Here's why the time is right.

1. The virtual trade show booth is limitless

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image of Laura Rea

Laura Rea is executive producer at TRICK 3D, an immersive media studio specializing in the creation of virtual worlds through 3D animation and virtual reality.

LinkedIn: Laura Rea