A surefire way to grab attention and attract clicks right now has been to write headlines and soundbites about the demise of television as we know it. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that "the future of TV is apps." Netflix chairman and CEO Reed Hastings confidently predicted that cable networks will die for good and all TV will be on the Internet.

Dissenters from that narrative are led by essayist and journalist Michael Wolff. Far from being trampled by digital challengers, TV has become one of the fastest-growing business sectors, where consumers and advertisers are prepared to pay for "the influential, the prestigious, the culturally significant, a business and medium of value, need, originality, and exclusivity," writes Wolff in his book "Television is the New Television."

As co-author Charlie Mawer and I discuss in our book "The TV Brand Builders: How to win audiences and influence viewers," marketing has played a big part in creating this value.

So, what do the next few years hold for the people at the sharp end of television marketing, people responsible for the brand strategies, design, promotion, and advertising of TV brands and the new disruptive online entertainment services? What are the key future trends?

Our book research included interviews with 50 of the world's best practitioners from some of the major players, such as HBO, Fox, BBC, CANAL+, Vice Media, and Hulu.

We identified five of most important themes.

1. Producer brands will assert themselves

In an increasingly global entertainment industry, there's a danger that the people who make the bold decisions to commission new shows end up with no credit (or at best confusion) in the eyes of TV viewers. For example, is "Peaky Blinders" an award-winning original drama from the respected UK broadcaster, the BBC, or a "Netflix Original" (as it was promoted in the US)?

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Andy Bryant is managing director of Red Bee, a London-based, internationally acclaimed creative agency specializing in marketing and design for TV brands. He is a recognized thought leader in his field and frequent speaker at leading industry conferences globally on TV brand strategy, marketing, and creativity. He is Honorary Professor of Film & TV Studies at the University of Nottingham, UK.

LinkedIn: Andy Bryant