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Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to see whether your marketing is working?

The time and effort marketers spend on building their marketing analytics reporting instead of analyzing results is a widespread issue across agencies and brands. It's a tough cycle to break, and most marketers aren't sure where to begin.

Start with the following five key ways marketing analytics is broken, and go from reporting to analysis.

1. Shiny-Object Syndrome

A picture is worth 1,000 words only when it's telling the right story. We love pretty things, and software providers are happy to sell the promise of a shiny new tool that will take all our marketing reporting pain away.

Though reporting tools are a critical component of delivering marketing analytics, using a reporting tool alone is like trying to paint without a canvas.

The one thing reporting tools, business intelligence tools, and data visualization tools have in common is the lack of a data management component. The software industry assumes your data is already perfect; for business and transactional data that may be the case, but we know that marketing and media data is a siloed, unmanaged, unorganized mess.

Accordingly, though it may not be pretty to look at, a marketing data management platform to store, clean, organize, and consolidate your marketing and media data is a must-have. With it, you have one place to access data and build reporting from to ensure consistency, accuracy and to enable reporting automation.

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image of Matt Hertig

Matt Hertig is CEO and co-founder of Alight Analytics. Matt and his team put relevant, actionable insights directly in marketers' hands with a suite of next-generation analytics solutions.