Although younger generations tend to ignore Facebook in favor of Instagram and Snapchat, the social media giant remains a dominant force. It provides a broad set of features that have great potential for today's businesses.

Automation helps build long-lasting relationships with your customers; therefore, it has an impact on your audiences' engagement levels—and your revenue.

The purpose of this article is to help marketers recognize the importance of marketing automation processes on Facebook.

Automation and Facebook Ads

Marketing automation software integrated with Facebook Ads enables you to create personalized, timely, and relevant marketing offers in ad campaigns that use customer online behavior and transactions to target those ads.

You can create, analyze, and optimize Facebook Ads and Custom Audiences campaigns, educating potential customers with relevant information and advertising products and services those customers are currently interested in.

You can also target ads using any data previously collected, based on audience behavior on your website, such as checking a given product, abandoning a shopping cart, and previous transactions, as well as other data, such as your segmentation and scoring information, and reactions to other campaigns and information about offline purchases.

The end result: your ads are targeted with great precision, therefore achieving better returns.

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image of Greg Blazewicz

Greg Blazewicz is founder and CEO of SALESmanago, provider of marketing automation and email marketing solutions.

Twitter: @gregblazewitz