Following Google's announcement that its ads would generate over 30 billion calls in 2016, many people rushed to declare that "call commerce" is very much alive. That reference is to the inbound calls—high-value leads—to a business. Some 70% of consumers have used the click-to-call button in online ads, and 60% prefer a human being for a detailed inquiry over an automated system.

It's logical to think that boosting call volume would increase revenues. That may be true in general terms, but more is not always better. A large call volume could well be the result of a surge in telecom spam and fraud, routing issues, or an ineffective marketing strategy that is eating into your ROI and decreasing sales productivity.

Tip No. 1: Measure and test ad targeting with call analytics

Tracking call attribution and your ad targeting is how you can ensure that your advertising campaigns are attracting leads. Call analytics can help you by providing visibility into the effectiveness of your ad targeting by tracking the source of each call and its outcome.

The source of the call is tracked by dynamic-number-insertion technology. It links a call back to its source online by automatically inserting a phone number on your website or landing page that is unique to each visitor. Once the phone number is called, you know exactly which channel, keyword, and campaign is driving calls.

Dynamic number insertion together with conversation analysis provides a true picture of your call attribution beyond counting calls. Conversation analysis tracks how many of those calls were leads by interpreting the calls as leads or low-value calls. For example, if two of your channels received the same volume of calls, 100 from social and 100 from paid search, but 75 were leads from social and only 25 from paid search on Google, then it would be clear that social has a potentially higher return.

It could also be a sign that your advertising on social is more effective than on Google. Testing two ads through dynamic number insertion will help you optimize your marketing on that channel efficiently, with clear and reliable call-attribution data.

Tip No. 2: Route your calls to the right business

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image of Jenn Horowitz

Jenn Horowitz is marketing manager at Telmetrics, a call analytics and attribution technology company.

LinkedIn: Jennifer Henry Horowitz

Twitter: @EcomBuffet