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Why Every Person in Your Company Needs to Be Using LinkedIn

by William Arruda  |  
February 18, 2015

LinkedIn provides an unrivaled branding and visibility opportunity for companies that harness the true power of LinkedIn and engage their staff. It is one of the most valuable branding tools you have—and right now, it's a competitive advantage.

Very few companies have effectively implemented a comprehensive LinkedIn branding plan.

Some companies don't even allow their employees to access LinkedIn. Some 10% of US employees work for a company where access to LinkedIn is blocked (access to other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter is even more restrictive), according to a study by Statista. Those companies are missing out on major opportunities to bolster branding, grow revenue, increase visibility, and turn employees into engaged and committed brand ambassadors.

Here's why your company needs a comprehensive LinkedIn program.


When someone looks at a profile of one of your employees, it not only speaks to their personal brand, but to your company brand as well. Help your company's employees build stellar LinkedIn profiles and reinforce the brand with every visit each of their profiles receives. When clients and business partners see nothing but high quality and consistency among the various profiles they view, their impression of the company is enhanced.

Ironically, technology-driven social media has made business more human. The more your employees use LinkedIn to engage with your brand community, the more connected they become to the company's identity. Externally, as the human elements of your brand are enhanced, you make it easier to build emotional connections and trust with customers, shareholders, prospective employees, and other constituents.

Your people, not your products, create a customer-centric company. As a marketing leader, your job is to build a trusted organization that has strong emotional bonds with all stakeholders, and the route to achieving that is through your people.

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William Arruda is a personal branding pioneer, the founder and CEO of Reach Personal Branding, and the author of Ditch. Dare. Do! 3D Personal Branding for Executives.

Twitter: @williamarruda

LinkedIn: William Arruda

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  • by John Roland Wed Feb 18, 2015 via mobile

    Excellent post!! Could not agree more

  • by Rick DiMassimo Wed Feb 18, 2015 via iphone

    Spot on advice. Thank you for posting.

  • by Jennifer Moore Thu Feb 19, 2015 via web

    This a helpful post to let clients and staff know why everyone needs to be engaged on LinkedIn. Question: You say "Give them tools." Can you elaborate? Thanks.

  • by Inaam Sheriff Tue Jun 16, 2015 via web

    Great stuff..

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