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Are You a Twitter Superstar? [Quiz]

October 10, 2011

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  • by Me Tue Oct 11, 2011 via web

    What a waste of valuable time. I sign up, take the goddamned quiz and then your site won't let me access How to Be Twitter Superfly in 12 Simple Steps. Why should I trust your advice if you can't make your site work?!?!

  • by Vahe, MarketingProfs Tue Oct 11, 2011 via web

    Hello, "Me."

    I'll email the direct link to you so that you can download the document. The site works just fine; I'm not sure why you were unable to download the document (hundreds have already downloaded it). In any event, you ought to be able to download the document from the link you'll receive.

  • by Ed Tue Oct 11, 2011 via web

    @ "Me", I wouldn't want you enjoying my content,
    nor would I accept you as a client.

    @Vahe You are a generous soul :)


    PS- I got 100%, and the report looks great!
    Thank you.

  • by Dean4D Wed Oct 12, 2011 via web

    Vahe, 10/10; I expected to get at least one wrong, but I guess I am SuperFly! The landing page does go straight to a membership sign up [re: Me], but I'm already a PRO member. Can you send me a link to download the Etiquette tips, please. I would like to share with my team.

  • by Vahe, MarketingProfs Wed Oct 12, 2011 via web

    Hi, Dean4D.

    The link is on its way. Enjoy!

  • by Matt Sullivan Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Interesting quiz, but falls a little short of really gauging someone's Twitter "know-how". If you really want to test your Twitter knowledge and see how you compare to others, check out the Twitter test on

  • by Lou Lambert Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Yikes! Apparently I'm a Twit!

  • by Nina Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    I got a 100%! Yeah! Thanks for the great "12 steps"!

    to "Me"- the link to the content is right above the quiz and works just fine. So quick to get mad....

  • by Clelia Thermou Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    hehe, I did some mistakes :-S

  • by Clelia Thermou Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    but great though. thanx!

  • by Jeff Smith Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    I have to, reluctantly, agree with "Me" that there is a flaw in the implementation - even logged in, the end of the quiz takes you to a sign up page, indicates you're already a member, then dumps you back on the start page for the quiz. No download link, just an endless loop of quiz-taking followed by rejection.

  • by Leslie Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Got a 100%. Easy, but fun!

  • by @Holdcom Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Clever quiz - it was a little easy (scored 100%). I liked the concept. One suggestion would have been to make the score tweetable with a link back to the test.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • by Stephanie Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Wish I could say I scored 100%. Could you send me the link?

  • by Lisa Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    I have to respectfully disagree with the "correct" answer to #3. There are some very accepted shortcuts that can and will be used more often. Your example of what not to do by removing all vowels is way over the top. Language is ever changing and while we all have our pet peeves, not one of us in this world was ever elected as the language police. As someone who does not text very often (I don't even have a smart phone) - if I know some very common shortcuts, it is a sure bet that a lot of people know them. BTW, IMHO the rest of this post was gr8. Ur quiz was fun. :-)

  • by @Holdcom Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Lisa -
    I sort of agree with you, but I think the point is not to cram too much into a tweet. A very clear short tweet with a link is better than needing to whip out your secret decoder ring to understand what someone is saying. :) I find I will click on something that's sort, concise, and to the point before a long convoluted tweet.

  • by Megan Leap, MarketingProfs Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Hi Jeff

    Thanks so much for taking the quiz. We really appreciate your feedback.

    I tried to replicate the issue you are having with the quiz + guide signup process in a few browsers. It appears to be working fine. I updated the landing page to bring more attention to the login process for current members. Vahe is emailing you a URL where you can download the guide.

    I apologize for any confusion. Thanks again for bringing any potential issues to our attention.


  • by Magda Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    No luck on taking the quiz: "The question does not exist for the quiz." Site does not work...

  • by Keith D. Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    To me- what's up with the potty mouth? I sure hope you don't use it in your business, social media marketing.

  • by pat Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    Waste of time. I tried 4 times, both logged in and not. Can't get past Q1: says "The question does not exist for the quiz."

    Win Vista, Firefox 7.0.1

  • by Nanette Thu Oct 13, 2011 via web

    i guess i better study more.. i only got 6 :-(

  • by Shayne Fri Oct 14, 2011 via web

    Where's the document?

    Please email to

  • by Arun Sinha Sat Oct 15, 2011 via web

    Never got to take the quiz. Instead, received the message: "The question does not exist for the quiz."

    Which made me wonder, For whom or what does the question exist?

  • by Vinod Sat Oct 15, 2011 via web

    It's good. though not an expert test - scored 90%

  • by Vahe, MarketingProfs Mon Oct 17, 2011 via web

    Arun, an observation worthy of a good writer/editor. ;)

    Via email I've forwarded to you the link to the Twitter guide.

  • by HSEN Thu Oct 20, 2011 via web

    Neat and fun! Thank you. Somebody get "Me" off this site. There is no call for that kind of language.

  • by willp Mon Oct 24, 2011 via web

    Hi-I just took the quiz but do not see a link or any way to download the 12 steps guide to being a Twitter Superfly. Please can you help?

  • by Mischa Tue Nov 15, 2011 via web

    who is to say what a right answer is or not. this isnt math folks. the only universal language. emphasis on universe.

  • by Pamela Fri Nov 18, 2011 via web

    Wow, "Me" - no way it could be a user error, right? Your post is a perfect example as to why you needed to take the quiz. :-|

  • by @mobileholly Fri Nov 25, 2011 via web

    This was fun. I didn't expect to get all of them right but I got 100%. Some of those questions were tricky. Nice job on picking the questions and running an enticing Facebook ad for the quiz.

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