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One Size Fits Nobody

August 20, 2009  

"In light of the economy, more and more marketers are concerned with late-stage leads," says Karen Landis in a recent post at the My Educated Guess blog. "While many marketers won't discount [newer] leads entirely, they will stop messaging them on the theory that they are too early-on in the sales cycle." That's a huge mistake, she warns: "By the time these leads are contacted again, they may have already decided on another vendor."

Instead, she suggests, it is crucial to gently urge each and every lead along the buying cycle. The key to doing so? Relevant message content.

"This means getting rid of the one-size-fits-all emails being sent each month to all potential leads," Landis advises. "The exact method of re-messaging will vary … so it's extremely important for marketers to take their company's buying cycle into account, along with different ways of re-messaging to different types of leads."

Choose among the options for tailoring your outreach to each prospect's situation and needs:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Printed mail
  • Invitations to events

"The key is to figure out the process that makes sense for your product/solution and to make sure that leads are being targeted not just consistently, but correctly," Landis concludes. "Ideally, the communications should feel like resources and help leads as they move through the process."

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  • by Della Quinlan Fri Aug 21, 2009 via web

    It's easy to fall into the comfy and easy habit of pre formed message replys. As this blog post identifies pre packaged messages may not hit the hot button to move prospects along. As an alternative approach engage a sales person (inside, field, partner) to research the company and find out what's truly going on in their world. Armed with this data have them customize an email that ties your product or service to the issues identified through the research. I know when I receive such a message it can make a difference. Even if it doesn't hit the mark, it makes me more likely to engage that company in some way.

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