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A Guiding Light for Your Brand

January 8, 2010  

Whether your company is large or small, your brand is an important asset you can't afford to squander. Corporate giants like Microsoft commonly establish strict guidelines regarding the correct use of their names and logos. But whether you're Microsoft or a small value-added reseller, says Heather K. Margolis of Channel Maven Consulting, you need to establish and adhere to your own set of brand guidelines, especially for online use.

Here are some key suggestions from Margolis:

  • Make your name original. Unique names tend to emerge from the clutter of the Web with greater ease. Consider Margolis's example—searching her name (Heather Margolis) on the Web yields 30 people with the same name; adding her middle initial to the search, however, brings up only one.
  • Be consistent. Use your name the same way everywhere. "This not only keeps the integrity of your company or personal branding but it also makes you easier to find on the internet," says Margolis.
  • Control the buzz. If people are talking about you, it's important to know what they are saying and where so you can be a part of the conversation. Tools like Google Alerts can help you stay informed.
  • Don't be ambiguous. People should know within three seconds or less what value you will bring to them, says Margolis. Consider, for example, Channel Maven Consulting: "You know I'm in the channel, I think I'm smart, and I'm a consultant," says Margolis.

The Po!nt: Mind your brand—it's more influential than ever, especially as you embark on search-engine marketing and social-media programs.

Source: Channel Maven Consulting. Read full post here.

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