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Crossing the Channel

January 12, 2010  

"[I]n today's environment," writes Laura Patterson at MarketingProfs, "we may need to gather data from an email campaign, a physical event, and an online advertising campaign to better understand purchasing behavior and correlate marketing programs with purchases."

In other words, when working with cross-channel strategies, it's important to know how each component contributes to your overall goals.

"Cross-channel analytics," she continues, "enables you to measure the interaction of various channels, such as websites, customer service, phone support, and print media, to [determine] how those channels relate to one another and affect customer behavior."

At a minimum, says Patterson, it should answer two questions:

  • What percent did each element contribute to the path to conversion?
  • What is the ratio between those elements?

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  • by Eric Goldman Tue Jan 12, 2010 via web

    Good insights - thanks for the post. I'll add, even though it's not applicable to everyone, that one of the best ways to bring offline marketing efforts into the online's world of analytics and general measurement, is to use a technique called Landing Pages, provided by an Inbound Marketing Automation system, or IMA. Designed properly, this will allow you to track not only who responded to what campaign, but to add any respondents to an automated campaign designed to nurture them from their arrival state (presumably as a cold lead), via drip emails (multi-touch campaigns), till they become a hot lead and are fed directly into your CRM system for handling by a sales rep.
    Andt when your website is equipped with an IMA solution, you can use it to calculate Return On Marketing Investment or ROM of all these campaigns. Many people will tell you this is difficult if not impossible, but here's a post (linked to 2 others on related ROI topics), which will tell you how to build your own ROMI calculator (perhaps for your social media campaign):

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