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Building a Brand on Twitter: Here's One New Way

August 12, 2010  

Using Twitter for brand-building? Hardcore users know one personal account is a full-time job, so nurturing a bunch of client/brand accounts just might make you crazy! But lucky for us, applications that can help simplify your brand-building tweets are showing up almost daily.

Case in point: Tweet Adder. This desktop application, used with care, can be great for marketers who need to grow followers fast, and who repeatedly promote deals or services, but lack the time to devote to the process. Here's how you might make good use of it:

  • Auto-load tweets promoting deals/services/blog posts, and set your publication times. Example: Schedule tweets for publication every 90-120 minutes. Limit the amount of auto-tweets sent in a day.
  • Run searches for keywords of interest, say "basketball" or "birthday gifts." Tweet Adder provides a list of matching profiles you can follow or save for review. You can find, then research, potential clients/heavy tweeters who could become evangelists for you.
  • Share music (whose benefits we've dished before) with a feature for uploading and sharing MP3s.
  • Use conversion (follower:followee) tracking. People look at your follower:followee ratio. Don't get obsessed, but avoid following hundreds more users than those following you. This suggests you follow indiscriminately and that others haven't found your content interesting—a sure sign of someone using Twitter to broadcast, not communicate!
  • Access and save current/historical trends. Track what's hot on Twitter and compare it with times past to find patterns in user sentiment.

Note of caution: Automatic ain't the same as auto-pilot. Using an auto-app like this one to promote your biz works best when someone is at the reins—producing more fresh tweets than packaged ones, and regularly responding to users.

The Po!nt: These days, the right app can help boost a brand. Tweet Adder is a means to build followers fast and tweet promotions. See if it's a fit for your marketing mix.

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