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Warning: This May Electrify the Engineer Geeks in Your Audience

September 10, 2010  
Engineers are smart, competitive, time-constrained, and of course geeky. So how does a high-tech marketer connect with such a consumer segment? Give them what they want: smart, funny content that not only informs them, but gets them thinking and makes them laugh. A recent post at the Deep Tech Dive blog provides some insights on how to engage your high-tech customers:
  1. Use content that speaks to their unique intelligence. To keep things interesting, speak to your audience's geeky side. For example, a recent McClenahan Bruer Communications campaign featured a series of technical questions designed to lure a tech audience. Here's one: "What device did Harold P. Brown invent in the late 1880s to help Thomas Edison publicize the dangers of alternating current?" (Answer: The electric chair.) The ad campaign added: "If you know the answer to this question, and you are an RF or wireless engineer, you would be part of the way towards entering a drawing for a Kindle."
  2. Use an integrated marketing approach. Engineers work under high pressure and with tight time-constraints. You need to engage them in a number of ways, making the content easy to access. Also, be sure to use multiple social-media channels to reach this collaborative consumer segment.
  3. Have fun. For all the above reasons, make the theme, look and tone of your materials more playful than your typical day-to-day communications. Engineering audiences enjoy a little humor, as long as it's done intelligently.

The Po!nt: Find your inner geek and make your high-tech prospects laugh. Concise and informative content is a necessary start, but smart and funny content will win them over.

Source: Deep Tech Dive. Click here for the full post.

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