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Harnessing the Mobile Web: Three Strategy Considerations

March 11, 2011  

Knotice has produced an elegant whitepaper detailing how you can harness the power of the mobile Web. "Over the next decade, the mobile Web will be a key conduit for your customer relationships, and foundational to your overall mobile strategy," the introduction notes. The key for businesses? Using the mobile Web in a "purposeful and relevant manner" to better serve customers.

Here are three of Knotice's suggested strategy considerations for preparing a mobile initiative.

Choose the right connectors.The best "connector" (i.e., the method by which you actually engage the user in your mobile campaign [via text, Foursquare, etc.]) can depend on demographics, context, media, cost, reach, adoption rate—even the customer lifecycle. Today's mainstream mobile connectors include 2D (QR) barcodes and SMS. Consider their differences to find your best fit:

  • SMS is the most understood, but is costly to scale and may require carrier approval, depending on the interaction you want to initiate.
  • QR codes are growing in popularity and can yield multiple types of responses (sending a text, prompting a file download, downloading contact information). You can put codes on print ads or products. And there are no carrier fees!

Don't mistake connectors for the destination. In mobile strategy, emphasis is often placed on the type of connector used instead of the destination the customer will be connected to, the paper notes. For example, experimenting with QR codes is fun, but what do you need users to find with them? Is the whole experience smooth and efficient? Does it make sense?

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