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Who Is Scanning QR Codes? Here's a Quick Update.

April 29, 2011  
We love a good infographic. They can make vague ideas clear as day. Our pick du jour: The QR Invasion, which tells the latest story of QR codes. You can put these codes on just about any kind of item, and users can scan them with their phones to get more information, visit websites, or just engage with your brand.

Julie O'Dell has posted the infographic, the brainchild of JumpScan, at the Mashable site. It's a "graphically organized representation of some data [JumpScan has] gathered about QR codes—who's scanning them, what kinds of devices they're using and what brands are running QR-code campaigns," she reports. And yes, you can scan the infographic's codes for more info!

A few fun facts from the Invasion:

  • 52% of mobile users have seen or heard of QR codes; of those, 28% have scanned one.
  • iPhone users scan by far the most, at 68% (versus 26% of Android users and 4% of Blackberry users).
  • QR-code scanning rose a whopping 1,200% from July to December 2010.
  • Companies like Starbucks are already using QR codes (as well as barcodes) to enable users to pay for their purchases via mobile. (And here's a fun fact from the chart: 3 million Starbucks customers have already tried it.)

The Po!nt: Mind your QR P's and Q's. We've spoken before about the considerations you should make when producing a mobile strategy, and where QR codes may or may not fit into it. Now's the time to be proactive!

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  • by Jeff Quandt Fri Apr 29, 2011 via web

    QR codes and MS Mobile tags are starting to pop up in a variety of places. This is good information as to what mobile device is using them. I currently have a Win Mobile 6.5 device and use both.

    Today in a local business magazine, an add had a QR code in it for a business video service. I scanned the code and it took me to a full size web site. It took a very long time to load on my mobile phone and the auto-play video clip that was on the home page was very choppy. Really a poor use of the QR code for this advertiser. They should have directed people to a mobile enabled site.

    Another ad in the same publication for a local real estate firm took me a very friendly mobile web site that I could easily browse residential properties. Very cool on this use.

  • by Patrick Zuluaga [PMZ Marketing] Fri Apr 29, 2011 via web

    It is just a matter of time before the majority of business wake up to the value of QR codes in their direct response marketing campaigns!

  • by Penny Fri May 6, 2011 via web

    The infographic leads the reader to believe that scanning the codes will provide additional detail about the statistics in the graphic. I scanned the code for the stat about the market share for different devices, and got the home page of the company that provided the infographic, with their pitch about providing QR codes. It is not like Mashable to post such a blatant commercial, and not like MarketingProfs to repeat it. I wanted to believe there was some real information behind the project and not just a cheap PR trick.

  • by Natasha Fri May 6, 2011 via web

    Nice! Check out for free dynamic qr code generator with free scan analytics - including geolocation tracking.

  • by Jonah Thu Aug 11, 2011 via web

    These statistics donít add up. 1,200% growth in 2010 only means something if we have a starting point, a base number. Further, we have no idea where JumpScan is getting these figures...this could have been a study of JumpScan's own employees for all we know.

    MarketingProfs' recent post "IT Pros Value Thought-Leadership Vendor Content" was based on real market research performed by a real market research firm, which is what made that post extremely useful. This post is the opposite of useful because it's baseless and thus untrustworthy. Frustrating.

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