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Three Mistaken Beliefs That Can Cripple Marketing Teams

July 14, 2011  

What makes for a great marketing team? A dynamic leader at the helm? The right mix of compatible personalities? A steady influx of new talent? Or could making assumptions like these actually cripple a team's performance? J. Richard Hackman, writing at the Harvard Business Review, argues that quite a few businesses are getting it wrong when they strive to form ideal teams.

He presents six mistaken beliefs about teamwork that can actually "sidetrack productive collaboration." Here are three:

Harmony helps. Although many might argue that effective teamwork requires a certain level of harmony and a lack of conflict among team members, Hackman begs to differ. "So long as it is about the work itself, disagreements can be good for a team," he argues. Conflict over how to best achieve an agreed-upon goal can "generate more creative solutions."

It's good to mix it up. Although you might think introducing new blood into a team spurs new ideas and creativity, Hackman makes the case for the power of familiarity: "Whether it is a basketball team or a string quartet, teams that stay together longer play together better."

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  • by Kim R. Mon Jul 18, 2011 via web

    Is this a full HBR article? If so, could I have a link or more information to it? Thanks!

  • by Vahe, MarketingProfs Mon Jul 18, 2011 via web

    Hi, Kim. Just click the "Harvard Business Review" link at the end of the article (right after "The Po!nt"). That'll take you to the full HBR post.

  • by Kim R. Mon Jul 18, 2011 via web

    @Vahe: Thank you

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