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Three Lead Nurturing Email Tips From MarketingProfs

September 28, 2011  

If you sell a B2B product or service, your email strategy should include plenty of nurture. "A great lead nurturing program can have a dramatic impact on an organization's bottom line," writes Megan Leap at the Daily Fix blog. "But so few B2B marketers actually get it right." So, what are they missing?

To discover what works in B2B lead nurturing email efforts—and what doesn't—Leap examined wins from MarketingProfs' own campaigns. She came up with some interesting tips like these:

Address obstacles. There are a hundred reasons your prospect might resist a purchase. "Are they having trouble getting approval from a senior executive?" she asks. "Unsure about compatibility or technical requirements?" Many prospective attendees of the 2011 B2B Forum faced a specific challenge: Getting their bosses' sign-off. MarketingProfs addressed this obstacle by outlining practical methods for gaining approval.

Use levity to your advantage. "If you're in high-tech, B2B marketing, chances are your competitors' emails are dry, sales-focused, and, well, lame," says Leap. "By adding some humor and personality to your emails, you can grab attention away from your competition." A simple online "Compliment Generator" gave 2011 B2B Forum prospects a lighthearted way to gain supervisor sign-off through patently obsequious flattery.

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