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Four Tips for Generating Leads With Email

January 26, 2012  
"Email is still the most effective marketing technique," writes Bill Rice at the Better Closer blog. "It's easy to automate and highly efficient at bringing in qualified new leads." But a successful email program doesn't just happen. You must convince prospects to open your message, read it, and take action. To hit each of those goals, Rice has advice like this:

Start with an appealing subject line. Most recipients won't open your message—that's a basic email marketing reality—but you can interest a substantial minority with the right subject line. Rice says to keep it brief, informative, and informal, as though it came from a friend. "Make it interesting," he adds, "maybe even a little mysterious."

Get right to the point. What happens when you open a message and see one lumbering paragraph after another? You file it for later, where it will never be read, or you delete it immediately. "No one reads email," notes Rice. "[T]hey glance at it." So write copy that is breezy, direct, and easily absorbed without requiring a reader's full attention.

Add value to your pitch. Yes, you're trying to generate or cultivate leads, but that's what's in it for you. Make it worth a prospect's time by giving them something of value—perhaps a secret insight or a list of Top Five tips.

Include a single, clear call to action. Don't ask your recipient to do more than one thing; if you provide too many options, she might not do anything at all. Be sure your call to action is blatantly obvious and easy to accomplish.

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  • by Ann Mullen Fri Jan 27, 2012 via web

    I didn't realize that email was still the most effective marketing device even though I got this article and opened it based on an email message I just got. Thanks for getting straight to the point.

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