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The Case for Hiring an SEO Agency

February 6, 2012  
Should you conduct search engine optimization in-house, or should you hire an outside agency to do the heavy lifting? It's a question you've probably asked your team before—and each solution has its pros and cons.

In a guest post at the Future Buzz blog, Justin Champion of Search Mojo makes the case for hiring a tier-one digital agency.

Here's an overview of his main points—illustrating why hiring outside help could help lower your in-house stress levels:

It's the agency's job to stay on top of developments. There is nothing static about the SEO landscape. "[U]pdates to search algorithms can alter rankings and visibility as well as create new opportunities to help your brand stay ahead of the competition," Champion notes. For that reason, someone needs to be monitoring those changes 24/7.

They know the tricks of the trade. An agency pays for the most advanced diagnostic tools, and knows how to use them; An in-house SEO specialist may not be able to match such a breadth of resources.

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  • by Lea Cullen Boyer Mon Feb 6, 2012 via web

    Thank you for the concise and very helpful article. We get the stres of the cha gong SEO landscape.

  • by Martin McIver Tue Feb 7, 2012 via web

    That's some really good points that you have made. I understand what you mean about the SEO tools. Although I have found agencies to have a one-size-fits all approach which just doesn't work for all businesses. They also don't have the time to explore the clients online marketing to any great depth.

    Perhaps freelancers might be the way forward. They are results driven and already have the experience as many have them have done agency jobs!

  • by Kam Retnasami Tue Feb 7, 2012 via web

    I totally disagree. I have worked as an e-marketing manager for many years in Toronto and I can tell you that the SEO agencies I dealt with (which were supposed to be the best) were actually quite disappointing. I knew a lot more about all aspects of SEO strategies than they did. Even when they were allowed to do the work, they couldn't come up with the results. Also, as they serve many clients at the same time, they never really dedicate themselves fully to the SEO success of your company. They probably spend just 1-2 hours a day doing your SEO but they will charge you for a whole day. However, if you do your SEO in-house, you are sure that the person you hire will dedicate himself/herself fully to your company. Plus, it really costs less to do it in-house. An agency will charge you at least $5,000 per month just for SEO, whereas the person you hire in-house can be paid the same salary (or higher) but at least he/she will work not just on SEO for you but also on other e-marketing strategies, such as Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Google (Google AdWords), Social Media Marketing, e-mail marketing campaigns, online PR, etc. I would always strongly recommend companies to do SEO in-house as they could be really disappointed with SEO agencies that are not fully committed to them as they serve many clients simultaneously, including your competitors (and they really cost a lot more than in-house SEO as agencies almost always charge you for a lot more hours than they actually spend doing your SEO).

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