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Does Your Business Need a Cloud Broker?

March 29, 2012  
As a business moves its files to the cloud, the task of transitioning huge amounts of departmental data can become overwhelming for in-house IT personnel. "The challenge of managing multiple cloud providers and getting a diverse set of solutions such as CRM, B2B … and more to work together and share data can be daunting," writes Robert Fox in an article at

"Expanding the use of cloud services for both back-office systems and B2B processes requires a high level of coordination and integration," he adds.

If your team is in danger of getting lost in the cloud, perhaps it's time to hire a cloud service broker (CSB). As your universal middleman, a CSB can provide:

A single point of entry into multiple clouds. CSBs "exist to eliminate the complexity of managing the data integration requirements of interconnected systems and multiple connections," Fox explains, "by interfacing to the other clouds on behalf of their customers."

A singular facade service so your people just see one set of coherent, uniform services. Say one department generates a ship notice to the façade. Job done. The CSB "knows how to make a call out to do a look-up on ship rates in the cloud to insert the shipping cost in real time," he says.

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  • by Amy Thu Mar 29, 2012 via web

    Very interesting article! It's something most people probably have not thought about yet. Crazy to see all the things that you need to consider with the changing technology.

  • by Thorsten Strauss Fri Mar 30, 2012 via web

    This is pure advertising.
    A great article leaves you enriched in information and enabled to take action. Neither do I know how to select a good CSB nor any certifications etc what I should look out for, nor sources where to find them.

    It is a "check this out - we do this" article. Not of high value.

  • by Elysse Miller Fri Mar 30, 2012 via web


    The Sandhill article was meant to be a term overview as CSB is so new. (I work for Liaison, as does Rob Fox.) We just came out with a CSB for Dummies book, which does contain more information. You can also email me directly at emiller @ if you have any specific questions or want a copy of the book. It was truly not our intention to advertise through this outlet, just educate at a high level.

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