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The Importance of a Welcome Campaign

March 28, 2012  
When you invite new friends to your house, do you assume they'll find a way in, forage for food, and entertain themselves while you're somewhere else doing something else? Of course not. But, notes Kim Roman at Marketing Automation Times, that's exactly how new subscribers feel when your email program doesn't have a welcome campaign.

So be a good host by greeting new arrivals at the door and giving them a tour of the house with an automated campaign that looks like this:

The first message. "Give a brief background on your company, its values and vision," Roman recommends. "Be sure to include some areas of interest or useful places for information on your website." Also, set expectations by describing the content a new subscriber can expect, and how often it will arrive.

The second message. Since most subscribers expect a confirmation message, think of this as the first "real" message of your welcome campaign. "Give your subscriber something in this second email," advises Roman. "Offer them a white paper, a discount, a free trial—doing so will not only help to foster a good relationship but it will also help you to further qualify them as a lead."

Subsequent messages. If you've gathered adequate behavioral data, use those insights to tailor an ongoing welcome campaign; if not, send messages designed to elicit information you need for further personalization.

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  • by Mikal Thu Mar 29, 2012 via web

    Within the NFP industry, what could you offer that is of tangible benefit?
    Other than offering the 'feel good' factor and letting them know where and how their support is helping others, it's very hard to follow this process

  • by Kim Roman Fri Mar 30, 2012 via web

    Mikal, I believe that even in non-profit organizations there are ways to share information through a welcome campaign that would be considered valuable to your lead database. Certainly the first message in the welcome campaign is easy enough - talk about your company and the cause.

    The second message is where you can discuss where and how their support is helping others, just as you point out. Additionally you can offer tips and information relative to your cause. Many non-profits have a lot of information that is valuable to its readers.

    Your subsequent messages can be tailored to your readers' behavior and what content they are looking at on your website. Additionally, if your reader has already donated to your cause, you can tailor your messaging based on that as well.

    Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at with more detail about your company and I'd be happy to give some additional insight into what type of content you can incorporate in a welcome campaign.


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