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Is a PPC Campaign Right for You?

April 23, 2012  
"I get asked about pay per click (PPC) marketing quite frequently by my full-service SEO and B2B SEO consulting clients," writes Nick Stamoulis in a guest post at the Resource Nation blog. "They want to know how much of an impact PPC is really going to have on their online brand and business and if it's worth the investment."

The answer—as with most answers—is that it depends on a few key factors.

If you're skeptical because of past failures with PPC campaigns, Stamoulis explains what might have gone wrong:

  • Relying on PPC without SEO. From Stamoulis's perspective, a PPC campaign works best as an add-on to a strong optimization program.
  • Implementing a campaign with bad messaging. Great ad copy won't compensate for a landing page that can't close the deal.
  • Setting unreasonable expectations. "If you don't know what kind of success you should be looking for it's very easy to assume it's not working," he notes.

If, however, your company is new to PPC, you should:

Consider the realities of ROI. A PPC campaign can be an expensive proposition. With increased competition, some keywords that used to cost a few cents per click might now cost $7 or $8.

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  • by Dave Gee Mon Apr 23, 2012 via web

    Great topic.

    I would like to speak as a entrepreneur and an academic.

    You will hear many "SEO experts" dismissing PPC as expensive and ineffective. As we tell our clients, we are a marketing and loyalty program software company, SEO and PPC are complementary and not an either or proposition. For those that discount the value of PPC we tell our clients that Google is not is not in business to be a free search engine. Testing and measuring ROI is critical to success.

    Those that discount SEO as an ineffective one time event also ignore SEO at their own peril. SEO is a an on-going, and yes time-consuming effort. Whether it is writing blogs, creating back-links, re-evaluating code in your website all are necessary.

    A blended approach is critical. PPC is an excellent tool for new product/new company announcements that require immediate attention and inquires in addition to on-going brand recognition. SEO can be more cost-effective long-term and obviously has less in the way of hard costs (but the time invested needs to be measured).

    Dave Gee

  • by Evan VanDerwerker Wed Apr 25, 2012 via web

    This is an awesome post: The concision is appreciated!

    I think--above all else, even--that for any companies that are unsure whether PPC is for them, they should try it out. It is incredibly easy to specify a demographic and sincerely track the results. Besides, you set the daily budget. Ultimately, you have nothing to lose.

    Great post,
    Evan VanDerwerker

  • by Brett Perlman Mon Sep 30, 2013 via web

    I found these points to be very true. We have performed typical on page optimizations for our Loyalty Rewards Program web site,, but found PPC was a necessary addition. We have found success through a balanced combination of organic search results with PPC search results.

    Brett Perlman
    Marketing Services Expert & Founder
    Preferred Market Solutions, LLC

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