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What Gardening Can Teach You About Keyword Plans

May 14, 2012  
What can gardening techniques teach you about growing a keyword plan? Quite a lot, it turns out. "When you plant seedlings, you need to plant them in groups according to how much sun they need and how aerated the soil should be," writes Jenny Halasz at Search Engine Land. "You also want the plants to be visually appealing when they grow, so they need to be spaced appropriately and you'll want to have a plan for how tall they grow and what colors they'll be at maturity."

With the same principles, you can create a keyword plan that develops harmoniously—and matures profitably.

So if you're ready to test your SEO green thumb, Halasz offers advice like this:

Look for natural keyword patterns. Explore how your target audience searches for content. Observe which terms appear most frequently, which seem to go together, and which seem to attract the wrong type of visitor.

Categorize your keywords. Don't worry about creating too many categories. According to Halasz, it's easier to consolidate narrow categories than to re-categorize those that are too broad.

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  • by Carrie Morgan Mon May 14, 2012 via web

    Love this article! One other point to add: Water your keywords often enough, but not TOO often. It's important to check up on how your keywords are doing, and adjust the ones that are ranking poorly. You may not have used the keywords enough in your copy, gone overboard with too much repetition - or even used extremely competitive terms that need a little extra TLC to rank well....

    (Not sure why your website isn't ranking? Learn why fast with my free eBook, "The 5-Minute Website Evaluation" at!)

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