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How to Segment for Maximum Relevance

July 11, 2012  
It's easy to send "just one email with the same content to everyone in your database," writes Matthew Johnson at the Vision6 blog. "But how do you send that same email and make it relevant to everyone in your database?"

The short answer is: You can't.

And that's why you need conditional content—copy and images tailored to each subscriber's specific interests, Johnson says.

Here's how to make conditional content work for you:

Start with a thorough review of your data. Campaigns built on faulty information—say, mistaken assumptions about a subscriber's gender—will defeat the purpose of your targeted strategy by sending wildly irrelevant messages.

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  • by Arvind Sehtia Wed Jul 11, 2012 via web

    Great point. Segmented marketing is extremely important to maximize relevance and ROI on your marketing campaigns. Prospects and customers want to see what is relevant to them and one message/ content fits all theory does not work well. The first step of reviewing the databases is most crucial. Can you segment by Job titles and org levels like VP and Director of Marketing or IT or C level contacts? Can you segment by industry, Geography, Revenue, Employee size, application, install base etc? If yes, you can create separate content for each segment profile. Try separate messaging for:
    - C level, VP & Director level & Managers etc
    - Small, Mid size and enterprise companies based on revenue or employee size.
    - Different industry segments like manufacturing, retail, Technology etc. Give readers what is relevant to them.
    - Install base or specific technology users like ERP users, CRM users etc

    Sales Inside Inc helps its customers in segmenting and appending missing elements on the existing databases. Visit for more information.

  • by Jay Rosenberg Wed Jul 11, 2012 via web

    Good article and on point.
    We can't be sending "one size fits all" emails. What we've done is taken the gold standard personality test, tightened it up and turned it into a marketing tool.

    Personality types make buying decisions based on vastly different information. Including facts, features and how they "feel" about a product. Understanding personalities helps us tune and individualize messages to each type. It builds trust, cuts through information overwhelm, makes sales and a better user experience.
    So, yes, we send separate emails to each type. Very relevant. This is a new strategy and we are learning something new every day.

  • by Keith Thu Jul 12, 2012 via web

    The article is very B2C. I agree with Arvind about looking at industry, install base, etc, etc., which are all things B2B marketers care about.

  • by vence Thu Jul 12, 2012 via mobile

    Great points you mentioned there.. I find that the key to good marketing is good segmentation of the market.. it is so much easier if segment is proper.. however, defining each segment is pretty difficult.. tailoring email is a strategy.

  • by Lynn Dalsing Mon Jul 16, 2012 via web

    Thanks as always for a smart post. We included this in our round up of new at

  • by Mon Jul 16, 2012 via web

    Thanks for the highlight, Lynn. And thanks to everyone for your comments!

  • by Joshua Merl Tue Sep 11, 2012 via web

    Great article! Information that is usually ascertained in a couple of marketing class lectures was summed up in a simple way, and in just one article. Appreciate it! I wanted to know what are the best ways to gather various demographic and behavioral information from site users as they sign up for a free trial of a product

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