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Create Colorful Visual Content―Without Busting Your Budget

June 12, 2012  

The growing popularity of visual content platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram shows that people crave eye candy. But do companies need to hire expensive graphic designers or buy expensive software to create visual content?

Not at all. Businesses of all sizes can craft inexpensive visual content that engages current and potential customers.You just need a passion for the brand, basic drawing skills, and the ability to think in images. Chances are, you already have people on your staff with those very qualifications.

So, to start thinking in pictures, check out the following suggestions, based on the "10 Ideas for Creating Visual Content from MarketingProfs" infodoodle on the Daily Fix blog.

Create a slide show. Take highlights from a talk, article, or blog post, and feature one point and one stock photo on a page. Create several pages and upload the doc into SlideShare for an easy-to-share slide show.

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  • by Cliff Pollan Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    For marketers and sales people visual content is important in getting the attention of clients and buyers. It is not a fad, as those pictures get our attention and have us wanting to read more. They also help to succinctly tell the story. These are great tips for making it easy.

  • by Graham Kennedy Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    It's a false economy not to use graphic designers. You wouldn't pay an unqualified person to manage your legal affairs so why risk your repuation and potential sales by asking someone unqualified to design your content whether on or offline? Bad idea

  • by Fabiola Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    I understand small businesses don't always have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer but it doesn't mean they shouldn't invest in an inexpensive freelancer or design student. I've seen unqualified people who think it's a no brainer handle graphics before and they usually use cheap Word clip art or bad photos. The problem with our field is that everyone thinks it's so easy but it really takes a good eye along with knowing the principles of balance, design, typography, etc..., regardless if it's just uploading a simple Facebook photo. I agree with the above post. I wouldn't want someone unqualified to handle my legal affairs, or someone within the company that was really good at math managing my accounting.

  • by tallambitions Thu Jun 28, 2012 via android

    comparing a graphics designer to a lawyer is absurd. i agree, you do have to have an eye, but it isnt rocket science

  • by Fabiola Thu Jun 28, 2012 via web

    Designers "...are blessed by the gift of creativity but cursed by a society that treasures design on products, souvenirs, TV and everything we need and touch in life but do not respect the minds that supply it all."

    Business owners "...donít know the implications of branding and what a bad logo can do to their business."

    I still say at least hire an inexpensive art student that will make sure you don't embarrass your company by projecting a "cheap" image with bad graphics. :-)

    Article snippets taken from

  • by jordan Thu Aug 2, 2012 via web

    and this is when people begin designing in word documents *cringe*

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