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How to Score Your Leads with Six Simple Questions

July 12, 2012  
"Hundreds, if not thousands, of solutions have been developed to automate lead-scoring," writes Peter Gracey at MarketingProfs. "However, those scores don't provide salespeople much valuable information." That's why he developed a scoring system that asks six questions—three before a discover call, three afterwards—and assigns up to six points. Here they are.

Questions to ask before a discovery call:

  • Why does this prospect want to talk to me? If you can solve a real pain point, and have ROI numbers you can use during your call, give the lead one point.
  • What is the title of the person I'm going to be speaking with? If multiple people will be on the line, what is the highest title that will be on the call? If you're speaking with someone above the level of manager, give the lead one point.
  • Did the prospect accept the calendar invite? If she confirms your appointment electronically, give the lead one point.

Questions to ask after a discovery call:

  • Did the call occur? If she shows up for the appointment, give the lead one point.
  • Was the lead write-up accurate? If she confirms critical information about her pain point, give the lead one point.
  • Is the lead moving on to a next step in my sales process? If she is qualified, give the lead one point.

Source: MarketingProfs.

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  • by Carol Wed Jul 18, 2012 via web

    Interesting article. We use lead scoring in another way--to give our inside sales team insight into how interested the prospect may be. Although the answers to your six questions really are valuable to the sales rep, how do you identify who to ask first? This is where lead scoring helps our team.

    - Carol Tang at Marketo

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