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Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business

August 20, 2012  
Add oomph to your tweet stream!

The Social Media Examiner has conceived 16 creative ways to boost your Tweeting.

These tips are designed to help you better organize and structure your Twitter strategy to get noticed.

Our favorites:

Create a Conversation List. Who you follow defines your Twitter experience. A conversation list helps to organize people based on why you started following them in the first place. Make private lists of who inspires you in business, who inspires you in life, who has great tips for crowdsourced innovation. You can keep your lists private or go public with them.

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  • by Nick Stamoulis Tue Aug 21, 2012 via web

    Take note of what people are saying! When someone asks a question, answer it! Start conversations and have a back and forth with people to keep your profile constantly updated and alive.

  • by Steven Tue Aug 21, 2012 via web

    Excellent article. Twitter has hundreds of millions of users and is growing all the time. People think it's just a way to update what they're doing right now or for celebrities to promote themselves but it's has a lot of great applications for businesses. Ignore Twitter at your peril.

  • by Alexa Ara ( Tue Aug 21, 2012 via web

    This article was great. I hope more people pay attention and tweet something more interesting besides a blatant marketing attempt. I don't like looking at a tweet feed that is mostly ads, but I LOVE little tidbits of cool info and links.

  • by Ted Simon Tue Aug 21, 2012 via web

    Good tips.

    I'd also advise following this content rule of thumb: to boost your brand, influence, followers, impact, etc. you need to provide or add value.

    Keys to this:
    1. Be relevant - Tweet, share and respond to topics that further the conversation with which YOU want to be associated.
    2. Be timely- Offer your comments, information, observations on matters that are current, meaningful and provided in time to add value to the conversation.
    3. Be authentic - The ultimate rule of social. Phonies and posers are sorted out in short order, so be true to yourself, your brand, or however you define your purpose.

  • by Kevin Hisko Fri Aug 24, 2012 via web

    At our office we use a Twitter Powered Gumball Machine. To get a treat you have to make a tweet.

  • by Ryan Key Sun Aug 26, 2012 via web

    Twitter was built to be accessed from anywhere, take advantage of this great platform by engaging constantly and consistently on your mobile device. Replying to those you follow and developing a real conversation is a great way to build relationships on Twitter.

  • by Piyush Khatri Thu Jun 1, 2017 via web


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