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Four Ideas for Finding More Time to Create Content

October 30, 2012  

A note to our readers: MarketingProfs has decided to cease publication of the Get to the Po!nt (GTTP) newsletters, and this issue of the Content Marketing GTTP is the last you'll be receiving. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, MarketingProfs Today, and our best-of-the-week newsletter, MarketingProfs This Week.

At long last, you know exactly what content you want to produce. You're armed with a list of brilliant project ideas and you're ready to get to work. But now, you face the second biggest challenge in content marketing: finding time to produce content.

Inspired by Brian Milne's ProBlogger post, "10 Fresh Tips for Finding Time to Blog," the following ideas can help you free up more time for content creation.

Unplug. "Disconnecting makes for a distraction-free hour of writing," insists Milne. "In fact, while you're at it, turn off your phone, Twitter alerts, Facebook messages, IM and email inbox—anything that's going to keep you from getting your thoughts down." You'll be surprised by how much extra time you have when you stop obsessively checking your email and social networks.

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  • by jeff Tue Oct 30, 2012 via mobile

    To point 1 - I use the Pomodoro technique. it's pretty effective at keeping me productive in an ADD world. There are apps for Apple and Droid phones to make it easy to manage, or there is one for adobe air.

  • by Nick Stamoulis Wed Oct 31, 2012 via web

    I like idea #2. If you're in the mood to write 1,000 words go for it. Chances are most of the time you're not so just write out what you can. Shot a short video, write a few Facebook updates or work on your next e-newsletter.

  • by Dave Young, co-founder of Shortcut Blogging Sat Nov 3, 2012 via web

    In my consulting company, we had many busy business owners (Subject Matter Experts, all of them) who would reject all 4 ideas. It's not so much the time, as the attention required. They're happy to share their knowledge, but would rather you extract it from their minds in a Vulcan mind-meld.

    We figured out a way to do it. We get them to spend 45 minutes compiling a list of 64 topics that they could easily riff on for 5-10 minutes with no additional research or preparation. Then, once-a-month, we interview them for an hour on up to 5 or those topics. We transcribe and rewrite. The result is infinitely better than ghostwriting because we are using their words, their thoughts and their unique angle. We simply have to convert it from spoken word to written word. We made a business out of it and are offering this service to SMEs who really don't have the time to write.

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