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Talk to Me有ess

August 28, 2008  

Another Monday. Another newsletter to crank out. You've built a decent subscriber list, and your clients are happy to receive your ramblings. So why aren't you that happy to produce them? Perhaps you need to give yourself a break. Enter Kevin Sinclair with his Quick Newsletter Tips. Who knew you could do so much less, but serve clients more? Three new features to consider:

Tip of the Week. Want to cut word count and boost readership in one step? Showcase a Tip of the Week. "You can easily brainstorm enough content for six months of weekly newsletters (you need to come up with 24 tips, which you will present weekly)," Sinclair reports.

Checklists. A good checklist is like a step-by-step how-to. Turn a lengthy advice column into one. "Checklists can save a lot of time, and your readers will be delighted to get one," he says.

Before-and-Afters. "Who doesn't like makeovers?" Sinclair asks. This is a great way to interact with clients. "[I]nvite them to send in details of whatever needs a makeover: an article, a website page, their wardrobe, then [briefly] present … solutions." Or ask for examples of their own in-house makeovers. Let them write for you!

Finally, to regularly feed yourself new ideas, Sinclair suggests you "set up an address at Yahoo or gmail just for newsletters." Subscribe away. Then visit the mailbox periodically to see what's out there.

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